Metroid : Walkthrough 2

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Chart 5 : Ice Beam


When you follow the hidden passages shown in the video, you can obtain the Ice Beam ability, which allows you to freeze enemies. Before reaching this point, make sure to secure at least 5 missiles needed to open the red gate.

Chart 6 : Wait for the blocks to regenerate


Shoot upwards with your beam to break the blocks. Wait for the blocks to regenerate, then jump to return to the upper path. Since you'll also need missiles in the next area, make sure to collect at least 5 before heading there.

Chart 7:Long Beam


After obtaining the Ice Beam, head towards acquiring the Long Beam! This will extend your range, making it easier to defeat enemies!

Chart 8 : Obtaining the EnergyTank


This part requires a bit of technique. Freeze the Skrees slightly below the center of the screen. Then, use the frozen Skree as a platform to reach the energy tank hidden in the ceiling.



Proceed following the arrows in the image to advance to the next area, "NORFAIR".
Metroid : Walkthrough 3

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