Metroid : Items



Normal Beam

"Samus' first beam she starts with. The range is short, and I want to switch to the long beam quickly."

Long Beam

Obtained in "Brinstar". Longer range than the short beam.

Ice Beam

Obtained in "Brinstar/Norfair" Can freeze enemies and use them as platforms.

Wave Beam

Obtained in "Norfair" Can attack a wide range of enemies, and can also pass through walls.
※ If obtained, Ice Beam must be obtained again before reaching Mother Brain!


Missile Tank

Obtaining a Missile Tank increases the maximum missile capacity by 5, with a total of 21 available. Additionally, defeating bosses Kraid and Ridley grants 75 missiles each, bringing the maximum capacity to 255 missiles.
Brinstar:2 Norfair:12 Kraid:4 Ridley:3 Tourian:0


Obtained in "Each Area" Samus's energy increases by 100. The maximum is 699, and if you obtain a 6th one or beyond, it only restores health.
Brinstar:3 Norfair:1 Kraid:2 Ridley:2 Tourian:0


Morph Ball

Obtained in "Brinstar", this item allows Samus to morph into a ball, enabling her to traverse narrow passages!


Obtained in "Brinstar" Often used for breaking blocks or performing bomb jumps.

High Jump

Obtained in "Norfair", this item increases Samus's jumping ability by 1.5 times, allowing her to reach higher places!

Screw Attack

The "Screw Attack" is obtained in "Norfair". It allows Samus to perform a spinning jump attack, allowing her to collide with and damage enemies. It's considered one of Samus's strongest offensive abilities!

Varia Suit

The "Varia Suit" is obtained in "Brinstar". It transforms Samus into the Pink Suit. It reduces damage taken from enemies by 50% and significantly enhances Samus's durability. This item is optional for completing the game, and it's often skipped in speedruns.

Resupply items

energy ball

There are three types of items that restore Samus's health, each with different recovery amounts. The recovery amounts are 5, 20, and 30.

Missile Ammo

There are two types of items that restore Samus's missiles, each with different recovery amounts. The standard item restores 2 missiles, but Metroid enemies in Tourian drop Missile Ammo that restores 30 missiles."

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