Metroid : Walkthrough 6

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Chart 41:Obtaining the Missiles


Destroy the ceiling at the POINT location with your beam weapon, then use the gate as a platform to climb upwards. Proceed to the left where you'll find a "Missile Tank."

Chart 42:Obtaining the EnergyTank



At the left end of this area, there's an iron pillar blocking access to the gate on the left side. There's a hidden passage halfway through the area, allowing you to proceed to the left from there.



The area within the yellow frame is a pitfall, so jump over it carefully to obtain the "Energy Tank."
※ If you're following the chart, it'll only serve as a health recovery. Samus's maximum energy tanks is 699.

Chart 43:Obtaining the Missiles


Descend from the yellow-framed area described in Chart 42. Proceed as indicated by the arrows to find a "Missile Tank."

Chart 44:Recovery


Next is the battle with the boss, Ridley. If your energy is low, defeat the "Multiviola" in this area. They have a high chance of dropping energy balls.

Chart 45:BOSS "Ridley"

Method 1


You can defeat it by continuously hitting it with missiles from the front without worrying about your health. Energy recovery is available in the left room, so you don't have to worry about it. If your energy is low, refer to Method 2.

Method 2


You can defeat Ridley with minimal damage by moving below his platform and hitting him with the WAVE BEAM.
※ Defeating Ridley will increase your missile count by 75.

Chart 46:Obtaining the EnergyTank


Proceeding from the left gate of the room where Ridley is located, you'll find an "Energy Tank" where you can recover lost energy.
※ The pink gate opens with 10 missiles.
※ The magma is a dummy and can be safely traversed.

Chart 47:Obtaining the Missiles


Following the arrows will lead you to a "Missile Tank." This is the final item to obtain in this area.

Chart 48:Return to Norfair


Follow the arrows and return to Norfair.

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