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Chart 1 : Maru Mari


Right after starting, head to the left to obtain the Morph Ball! This will allow you to transform into a ball shape and navigate through narrow passages. It's important to note that if you don't acquire this item, you won't be able to proceed to the right. Next, let's go and get the missiles!

Chart 2 : Obtaining the Missiles


As you proceed to the right from the Morph Ball location, you'll encounter a narrow passage. Roll up into a ball to fit through the tight space. Follow the path indicated by the arrows (⇒⇒) and continue forward to reach the Missile Tank. Make sure to collect it!

Since your health is low at the beginning, proceed with caution and be mindful of any potential dangers along the way. Take your time and navigate through the narrow passage carefully. Good luck!

Chart 3 : Obtaining the EnergyTank


After obtaining the missiles, your next objective is to acquire the bombs! On your way to the bomb location, you'll come across an Energy Tank, so be sure to collect it without fail!

As you progress towards the bomb, stay vigilant for any obstacles, enemies, or puzzles that may impede your path. Explore the surroundings thoroughly and utilize your newly acquired missiles to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Remember, the Energy Tank will provide you with additional health, increasing your chances of success in future encounters. Make it a priority to obtain the Energy Tank and bolster your resilience for the journey ahead!

Chart 4 Bomb


After acquiring the Energy Tank, proceed towards obtaining the bombs! You'll encounter a red gate for the first time, but you can open it by firing five missiles into it. Once it opens, you can retrieve the bombs from the area beyond!

Once inside, collect the bombs to enhance your arsenal. With the bombs, you'll gain the ability to destroy certain obstacles, open new paths, and uncover secrets throughout your journey. Make sure to utilize them effectively to progress further in your mission!!

Metroid : Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough / FAQs / Guides 2 Chart 5 : Ice Beam Chart 6 : Wait for the blocks to regenerate Chart 7:Long Beam Chart 8 : Obtaining the EnergyTank Chart 9:NORFAIR

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