Metroid : Walkthrough 4

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Chart 13  Obtaining an Energy Tank


Even with the high jump alone, you can't reach the Energy Tank! Freeze enemies with the ICE Beam to create platforms like in the image and then acquire it!

Chart 14 Heading to Kraid


POINT 1: Using the bombs, destroy the floor to progress to the lower level! And now, it's finally time to face Kraid!

Chart 15  Obtaining an Energy Tank


In the upper map, the gray area just before the Energy Tank is a hidden passage that can be accessed by breaking the second floor from below. As you proceed through the hidden passage, you'll reach a room similar to the one in the image. By morphing into a ball on top of the stone pillar and rolling to the right, you'll be able to land on a platform and obtain the Energy Tank!

Chart 16 BOSS: Kraid


When you enter this room, the boss Kraid will appear. Use the bombs to defeat him! For more details, please refer to the BOSS section on the Items, Traps, and Bosses page.

Once you defeat Kraid, you can obtain the Energy Tank shown in the image. First, drop down to the right while shooting the wall with your beam to reveal the Energy Tank. Then, set a bomb at Samus's position in the image. After that, hold the right direction button, and you will be able to perform a bomb jump at the perfect spot to reach and acquire the Energy Tank! Don't forget to collect it!