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Chart 9 Screw Attack


①After gaining a high jump, I want to go to the left while breaking the bomb below Chozo statues (POINT 1) by freezing the enemy with an ice beam and taking a foothold.
②POINT 2 will jump to the upper layer by watching the block to revive and destroy the ceiling. There is a screw attack in the room on the left side so let's get it! !

Chart 10  Brinstar


Needless to say, there is no problem with bomb jumping like IMG ^ ^

Chart 11  Varia Suit


①After getting screw attack, proceed as indicated by the arrow.
I'm going through a place like 4 tubes in the place of (POINT 1) with a morph ball, but I want to go through the top or the second step. The enemy also enters into this tube, so proceed while dealing with the bomb.
②(POINT 2) is a hidden passage!
It can not be reached until after getting a high jump, but it breaks the ceiling with the beam and goes to the upper layer.
As there is a Varia Suit  ahead of the left room, it gets.
※Even if there is no Varia Suit . the main story can be cleared.

Chart 12  Energy Tank


After getting a barrier suit, go right where there was a hidden passage.
There is a missile tank on the way and it will be a dead end if it goes further.
As you can break the ceiling like the image above, break it, go through the hidden passage and there is an energy tank of the image.

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