Metroid : Walkthrough 2

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Chart 5 : Ice Beam


By progressing through the hidden passage indicated by the IMG, you will obtain the Ice Beam, granting you the ability to freeze enemies. It is worth noting that it is also acceptable to acquire the Long Beam beforehand.

Chart 6  Long Beam


After obtaining the Ice Beam, we will head towards acquiring the Long Beam! This will extend the range and make it easier to defeat enemies! Next, let's proceed to Norfair! ※It is also fine to acquire the Ice Beam later.

Chart 7  Norfair


Please proceed according to the directions indicated by "⇒⇒" and head towards Norfair.

Chart 8  High Jump


IMG represents a specific point on the map. By using a bomb to destroy the second area from the right, you can proceed downwards! Use the bomb 2-3 times to reach the lower level and obtain the High Jump ability. With this ability, you will be able to jump 1.5 times higher than usual!
Metroid : Walkthrough 3

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